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Hollywood Limo Tours: Reliable Affordable and Enjoyable

Hollywood is filled with touts and agents who are wandering here and there with plans and offers of city tours. Don't fall pray to one of those tour operator agents who take money from you and promise to take you on a ride to see the city, take some money and disappear.

Authorized agents of Hollywood Limo Tours always carry valid id cards issued by our offices. Just remember our authorized agents will not ask for money directly from you.

Hollywood Limo Tours
is Goldwing Limo LA's registered transport company operating in Los Angeles for a long time. We conduct city tours daily. Our tour gets started from our office and nowhere else. We have suvs, limos, buses and cars in our fleet of vehicles.

Our vehicles display valid registration numbers and all the necessary documents are always present with the drivers. You can be rest assured that during your Hollywood limo tour the car you are traveling won't be interrupted.

Our services are marked by courtesy and politeness of our staff and professionals. Our drivers act as friends and guides to
the tourist. Our limousines are always clean and tidy. We can show you the city like no other operator.

We offer limos on hourly basis or for the whole day as per your choice. We offer free pick ups from hotels and offices.
Come to our office to reserve a day of sight seeing at Hollywood Limousine Tours.

For online bookings and other detailed information visit our web site www.goldwinglimo.com.